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Slow progress in closing gender pay gap, data reveals

New federal government data shows that there has been little change in the gender pay gap between men and women over the past 12 months, but some progress in employer action to support victims of domestic violence and sexual harassment.

ER chief's adverse action bid fails

The Federal Court has rejected an employee relations specialist's claim that her employer took unlawful adverse action when it sacked her for taking sick leave after she suffered a mental breakdown and made allegations of sexual harassment.

Lingerie store breaches adverse action laws

A lingerie store manager allegedly labelled a "sl-t" after refusing the s-xual advances of a director at a work function was exposed to unlawful adverse action when the company refused to re-employ her, the Federal Circuit Court has found.

S-xually-harassing employer likened worker to un-drivable supercar

A tribunal has found a male post office manager repeatedly s-xually harassed a female employee physically, verbally and via SMS, notes and a Valentine's Day card, before likening her to a Lamborghini sitting in a garage that he no longer wanted if he couldn't drive it.

$900,000 indemnity costs order against academic

A former university academic who unsuccessfully claimed she had been sexually harassed by two colleagues has been ordered to pay a $900,000 indemnity costs bill after the Federal Court found she rejected a "generous" settlement offer despite legal advice that she was unlikely to succeed.

Bench spikes challenge from sacked Qantas pilot

A FWC full bench has rejected a sacked Qantas pilot's argument that spiking of his drink meant he couldn't be held responsible for s-xually assaulting a female flight crew member during a stopover in Chile.

Court rejects "fanciful" sexual harassment claim

The Federal Court has thrown out a Monash University academic's sex discrimination claim, based on more than 50 alleged incidents over five years of employment, finding that she subjectively reconstructed "innocent events" after failing to fulfil her professional ambitions.

Pilot pays high price for late night revelry

A Qantas pilot who sexually harassed a female crew member while heavily intoxicated during an international stopover was responsible for his own actions and had suffered "a catastrophic fall from grace", the Fair Work Commission has ruled in rejecting his unfair dismissal claim.

Workplace can include pub across the road: Federal Court

A full court of the Federal Court has upheld a finding that a pub two work colleagues visited to deal with s-xual advances one made to the other in their office across the road was a "workplace" under federal discrimination legislation.

Oracle case sets new standard for sexual harassment compensation

In a watershed anti-discrimination ruling, a full Federal Court has found community standards now demand higher compensation for non-economic loss in s--ual harassment cases, and has increased a former Oracle manager's overall damages award from less than $20,000 to $130,000.