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Real labour costs up, productivity still rising: ABS

Real non-farm unit labour costs have grown strongly in trend terms for the second quarter in a row, while gross value added per hour worked in the market sector has now increased for 26 of the past 27 quarters, according to ABS national accounts data released today.

Melbourne the nation's "wage theft capital": Union

United Voice is today staging a protest outside a Melbourne restaurant at the centre of a bartender's underpayments claim and says its investigation of the state's hospitality sector exposes the city as the "wage theft capital of Australia".

Slow progress on gender pay gap, but more employers taking action: WGEA

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency says "remarkable" growth in employers analysing their data for gender pay gaps means more than half now have formal strategies to address imbalances, but its annual scorecard reveals the overall $26,527 gender pay gap has decreased only marginally.

PIlbara's red dirt central to understanding Australian IR: academic

The region that at the height of the resources boom employed one in 200 Australian workers but accounted for a massive 20% of the nation's export income is critical to understanding Australian IR, Sydney University academic Bradon Ellem told a recent conference.

FWC wage bench decides against hearing on "budget standards"

The FWC's minimum wage panel has decided against holding a preliminary hearing to consider new research on the budget required to sustain a healthy lifestyle, after the proposal only won support from Catholic employers.

Labour productivity surging, says Treasury

Labour productivity grew at a higher average annual rate in the five years to 2015-16 than it did over the past 15 and 30 years, according to new Treasury analysis, but a leading labour market economist has criticised the "arbitrary and misleading" window chosen for the study.

Stagnant wage growth "insidious": RBA

While retreating from his much-hyped "call to arms" for workers to demand higher wages, Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe today told a Sydney audience that a continuation of the current period of stagnation in wage growth would have an "insidious" impact on the economy.