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FWC refuses temporary stay on BHP vax mandate

Workers at BHP's Mt Arthur coal mine who have defied a vaccination mandate face being refused access to the site, disciplinary action and the loss of pay after the CFMMEU failed to win interim orders to block it.

Post-Rossato, written contract terms rule: Barrister

The "deeper legacy" of the High Court's recent landmark Rossato judgment lies not so much in its pronouncements on the concept of casual employment, but in establishing a stricter approach to interpreting employment contracts that emphasises their written terms, leading employment barrister David Chin will tell the Australian Labour Law Association national conference tomorrow.

FWC rejects "tadpole" union's bid for separate mine deal

The AMWU's bid after 17 years to carve out a separate deal for maintenance workers at a Queensland coal mine has been knocked back by the FWC, which has rejected its characterisation of members as "tadpoles" in a pond containing "a shark and a killer whale" in the form of owner Thiess and the CFMMEU.

IBM exec's redundancy challenge reveals $27K overpayment

A former IBM chief financial officer claiming she was underpaid $101,000 in redundancy entitlements based on transitional arrangements for "Telstra heritage employees" was in fact overpaid by $27,000, a court has held.

No redundancy cut for "assisting" job search: FWC

An employer has failed to persuade the FWC that "assisting" a worker in securing a job with the successful inheritor of a key contract was sufficient reason to reduce his redundancy payout.

Patrick looks to guillotine wharf strikes

Patrick Terminals has on the basis of a claimed threat to the national economy applied to terminate industrial action by MUA members at its four container terminals, increasing pressure on the union to reach a new enterprise agreement.

Business part-frozen over confidentiality questions

An online retailer that allegedly hired a competitor's employees is facing a "significant" financial hit after the Federal Court blocked it from selling substantially the same products until it can determine whether the workers shared confidential information about Chinese suppliers.

Red Cross added to FWO's surprising hall of shame

In a further warning on the importance of accurate payroll systems, the Australian Red Cross Society has become the latest surprising addition to the list of underpaying employers to have entered enforceable undertakings with the FWO after the charity self-reported short-changing employees a figure now estimated to top $25 million.

Damages for constable over "permanent black mark" on record

Victoria Police must pay $40,000 in general and aggravated damages to a senior constable who sought to challenge a finding that he failed in his duty, a tribunal holding he suffered discrimination and victimisation while becoming "enmeshed in a bureaucratic nightmare".