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'Time fraud' sacking upheld despite employer being "asleep at the wheel"

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of a patrolling council worker accused of "time fraud", despite finding that her supervisor was "asleep at the wheel" in overlooking GPS data revealing that she regularly started late and visited her partner's home during work hours.

$1000 payout for worker denied JobKeeper

An employee potentially denied JobKeeper payments when his employer failed to consult him before making him redundant has won just $1000 compensation.

FWC rejects believer's bid to revive dead claim

A HR manager whose Christian faith led to him withdrawing an unfair dismissal claim after belatedly accepting he had been genuinely made redundant due to a coronavirus-related downturn has failed to win more time for a second application lodged upon learning new personnel had apparently filled his former role.

Jetstar's "unresponsive" ER manager ignored dispute: FWC

Ignoring a union's frequent letters challenging whether it could make senior engineering appointments on a temporary rather than permanent basis gave Jetstar no standing to claim a deal's dispute resolution process had not been correctly followed, the FWC has ruled.

Victoria trialling workplace COVID-19 saliva tests

Victoria's Andrews Government is working with the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity on trials of workplace surveillance testing for COVID-19 that rely on saliva samples rather than the more intrusive nasal swabs.

Former MacBank advisors awarded $1.3m after "rapacious" claims

Forty-eight former Macquarie Bank wealth advisors have been awarded compensation totalling more than $1.3 million despite a judge describing as "rapacious" their claims about underpayment of various leave entitlements.

Tirade against manager no justification for sacking by email

The FWC has reminded employers that when it comes to dismissals, even "difficult" workers are entitled to natural justice, awarding compensation to an employee summarily sacked by email after repeatedly abusing his manager.

"Union free in 28 days": IR manager

An IR manager at a company where an enterprise union is seeking registration has published a series of social media posts about using the structure to achieve "union-free" workplaces.