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PC pushes for new statutory commission for wages, awards

The Productivity Commission, in its final report on the IR system today, says the FWC should be broken up into two bodies, with the new institution to determine minimum wages and awards.

FWC's Ross says PC has misunderstood tribunal's role

The Fair Work Commission has hit back at Productivity Commission criticism, with its President, Iain Ross, saying that the PC's IR inquiry findings appear to reflect a "misunderstanding of [the] Commission's statutory role and functions".

Law peak body bags PC proposal to change FWC appointments

Lawyers have told the Productivity Commission that its proposals to end tenure for new FWC appointees and to subject members to performance reviews would undermine the umpire's independence, while raising concern about a suggestion that only non-lawyers should determine matters in the proposed minimum standards division.

Victoria accuses PC of "disconnect" in draft report

The Victorian Government has criticised the Productivity Commission's proposal to create a "two-tiered" penalty rate system, saying it is at odds with its overall view that there is no need for wholesale change to the Fair Work Act.

PC to look at skilled migration intake under fee-based system

The Productivity Commission will look at the effect on skilled immigration numbers of making payment, rather than skills or family reunion, the primary basis for determining entry into the Australia during its wide-ranging immigration review.

Shipowners seek major changes to bargaining laws

The Australian Shipowners Association has told the Productivity Commission that it is important to understand that the starting point for the bargaining changes it is seeking is the "disproportionate industrial power" wielded by the maritime unions.